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Ideating a bright
digital future.

We work with innovation methods from the Silicon Valley to design better digital services for tomorrow.

Designed for society.







Being experts in human-centered approaches we know how to analyze the needs of tomorrow to translate them into products, services, or business models.​

    We want to co-create a financial system that, as a whole, contributes to sustainable development and value creation in economic, environmental and social terms.

    With a sustainable

    future in mind.

    We believe in democratized Financial Services that empower a sustainable economy.

      We let ideas flow.

      Constantly mixing art and technology together, we strive to create magic in the realm of wealth management, and beyond.

      The designers and engineers at the additiv TomorrowLab have created money-saving bots, wealth-generating apps, and risk-analyzing solutions – some of which are out in the world, and some of which are in incubation, awaiting the right moment or partner.

        Health & Wealth

        A tech-driven app empowering users to achieve a state of financial wellbeing in every lifecycle.

        Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 16.21.49.png

        A gamified investment approach enabling users to build optimized portfolios with their views about the future.


        A user-friendly bot enabling people to achieve continuously more savings according to their consumption.

        Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 18.53.17.png

          We know the best path to master tomorrow's needs.

          The additiv TomorrowLab is an Incubator focusing on innovation in Financial Services.
          We offer you a holistic innovation concept which consists of 4 steps:


          We show you what your customers want.

          Prototyping & Testing

          We make ideas tangible and testable.

          Innovation Management
          We innovate your business model and manage the impact of change in your company.


          We make your solutions work.

          Let's co-create innovation.
          Are you in?

          From one-day workshops with guaranteed impact to full platform onboarding, we help you thrive.

          Get in touch.
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