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The digital age may feel familiar, but it has only just begun.

We are driven by curiosity.
In doing so we follow 7 rules:

User first. Period.


We focus on people. Because in the end there is always a person who uses a product or service.

Without this pin sharp focus you inevitably get lost in many and many possibilities. 


Human first.


Be ambitious

Digital transformation creates value by driving change and replacing the existing. Because it works better. 


As companions of transformation, we place high demands on our work. We can't do better than that.

Sei ehrgeizig.

We believe in reduction.
It helps to focus on the essentials.


Be simple



Be possible

We find out what is possible in your context, what data is needed for it and which technologies are suitable.

We think in platforms and ecosystems. We find business models that enable growth through partnerships.


Be scalable



Be efficient

Our agile structure, processes and digital tools allow us to work more efficiently than traditional consultancies and agencies. 


We do not provide you with a 100-page strategy paper. But a tested prototype, built on real Inisights.

Transparency is our core value. Against inside and outside. We are honest.


Be transparent

We are a network of students and alumni of the University of St.Gallen (HSG),
ETH Zurich and the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). We are able to assemble interdisciplinary teams from the best talents.

The business models of the future are decentralized. This is just the beginning.


We manage edesigns as a digital network. Our Digital Workspace combines functionalities for collaborative work, project management, ideation and communication. Everything connected via API's. But we also work physically together, in co-working spaces or in other spaces. We don't have an office.

Our sourcing is project-based. We bring in skills as needed, within a network of talents from different disciplines and experience. We work together or remotely, in the same or different time zones.

We are fast, adaptive and deliver validatable results.

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