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Design Thinking Workshop
We're running through the
Innovation cycle in

one day.

As a team of the University of St. Gallen (HSG), we were able to gain a lot of experience with the
Stanford University to specialize in customer centricity using the Design Thinking method.


With the Sugar Network for Design Innovation and as ambassadors of Design Thinking HSG,
we bundle our competencies to create innovations together with world-renowned universities. 



Why Design Thinking?

Workshop Procedure
1-day workshop

Based on a challenge definition, which we define with you in advance,
we go through a user research (problem space) and create innovative ideas together with you, which we then tangibilise and validate (solution space).

This corresponds to the simplified Design Thinking Micro Process (Micro-cycle).

Create access to innovations.

Design Thinking is a suitable instrument, to allow divergent thinking and ambiguity in a controlled manner in a project.

Act customer-centric.

By continuously integrating the customer into the innovation process, it is possible to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements.

Reduce risks.

Reduction of project and development risks through rapid tangibilization and validation of ideas in an iterative approach.

Promote cultural


Employees are offered a new toolset to think "Outside the Box" - bringing a new mindset into the company.


Contents of the workshop

Control creative processes.

The workshop participants learn to generate ideas in a controlled way and to build on the ideas of others, to cluster them.
and combine ideas.




The workshop participants learn to form personas from customer profiles and to analyse their user journeys.

Learn Rapid


The workshop participants learn how to tangibilise ideas under time pressure and with the simplest means and thereby
to make them testable and experienceable.



The workshop participants learn, 

to evaluate other people's ideas and build on them.




The workshop participants learn to involve the customer in the value creation processes of the company right from the conception stage.

Ready for a vertical takeoff in just one day? We are!

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further details.

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